Our compliance programme involves more than just a regular MOT compliance audit, we offer support and assistance in the case of DVSA disciplinary and inverted appeals and we provide support from the Tester up to the AEDM. Everything is logged on our compliance website, with detailed Tester QC and training logs and equipment calibration all with reminders for any action required.


Approved by DVSA and ABC Awards to deliver all forms of MOT Training, with some of the most competitive rates around available to our members. We can train technicians to become MOT Testers and Service Managers to become MOT Site Managers. Courses offered at venues around the UK, or we can come to you!


In 2016 the DVSA introduced the new MOT Annual Training and Assessment, which replaced the 5-year refresher course. We provide a comprehensive but easy to use eLearning package to help MOT Testers meet their annual training requirements. Everything is logged and recorded on the MOT Club compliance website in real time, so every year you can monitor your MOT Testers compliance.

We do what the DVSA do, but we work for you!

A division of the MTT Group, we’re distinctly different from Traditional Trade Associations.

We offer our members support on MOT Testing, MOT Compliance and access to a huge range of services and benefits supplied by our Group. We are not linked to any part or service providers and this makes us truly independent and only ever working in your best interest.

We’ve been supporting our members with MOT Testing & Compliance since 1999, are the largest MOT Compliance company in the UK and the only company to cover the entire UK.

As a member of The MOT Club you will have access to our dedicated helpline and our experienced staff will be at your service.

Don’t just take our word for it, our members are testimony to the service we provide!

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