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The MoT Club Site Check Service

As a member of The MoT Club will you receive an annual MoT tester site check. One of our regional MoT experts will carry out the check, spending several hours at your premises. Your MoT Tester facilities will be thoroughly checked, ensuring that everything meets DVSA standards. The annual site check is one of the most important services we offer, with the DVSA looking positively on Testing Stations that use third parties to audit their MoT testing procedures and facilities.

As part of the site check, a Quality Control Check is also carried out on an MoT Tester of your choice. This counts towards the DVSA minimum requirements of a Tester QC every 2 months, this alone can save your AE over an hour of his or her time. All information regarding the QC is recorded on the QC section of our Web Portal and can be viewed at any time, internal QCs can also be recorded here.

During the site check all elements of MoT testing are inspected, from equipment, garage appearance and signage to administrative paperwork and record keeping, etc. Our site checks go beyond those of the DVSA inspection process, so you can be confident no stone is left unturned.

Once completed, all the information recorded by our MoT expert is uploaded to our secure data centre and a copy is sent to management. Management can view and action the report online at any time using our web portal which keeps a record of who and when the report was actioned by.

Most of our customers have more than one site check per year, with each membership package being tailored to your requirements.

Access your Records Anytime, Anywhere, Via our Secure Member Area

Site Checks Include :

  • Previous Testing History
  • Customer image / Garage appearance / Branding
  • Equipment
  • Calibration Records
  • Notice Board
  • Opening Hours
  • Tool Check
  • Certificates - Check
  • Class of Testing
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Observation Test
  • Easy access to reporting

Following the site check a report is produced, which the member can log in to the website to view.

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