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The MOT Club represents members subject to an appeal by a presenter to DVSA

As the re-examinations are undertaken at a VTS convenient to the current owner of the vehicle, this can mean that a car
that was tested in Southampton and has been sold will be re-examined in Glasgow.

Only 48 hours notice is given by DVSA to the VTS that undertook the test, this means that it is frequently impossible for the AEDM/Site Manager or the NT to attend. The MOT Club guarantees attendance and representation in the members interest
at the appeal and during any subsequent disciplinary action.

As a member of The MoT Club you will receive our support with :

  • Representation in the event of disciplinary action for the VTS and where appropriate the NT
  • Attendance on behalf of, or in conjunction with the VTS at all appeals and enforcement action anywhere in the UK
  • Access to the MOT Club’s Helpline
  • Legal and IR Advice

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