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Annual Training

Have you completed your Annual MOT Training & Assessment?

We’ve launched a cutting-edge CPD e-learning product to help you!

We will be launching our 2017-2018 E-Learning application soon!

In 2016 the DVSA introduced the new MOT Annual Training and Assessment, replacing the five-year refresher course. For the next five years it is now the Nominated Tester’s responsibility to source their own training and take the assessment every year between April and March.

The NT must complete a minimum of three hours CPD training each year over the five-year period; with four hours completed in one of those years to make up the sixteen hours required. Each year the NT must sit and pass the Annual Assessment. With just a few clicks you can sign up to our new E-Learning Package and, at your convenience, complete your Training and Assessment. The MoT Club are the UK’s leading organisation in all things MoT. We’ve used our wealth of experience and knowledge to create the UK’s most advanced MoT Annual Training E-learning platform.

For just £36+VAT you can carry out the compulsory training at your convenience, safe in the knowledge you’ll be learning all required topics in the DVSA syllabus.

All training will be recorded on the platform and you can start and stop the training whenever you want. Mock tests will check your knowledge so you’ll know when you’re ready to sit the assessment.

If you prefer face to face training, we offer this too! Classes ranging from four to ten NTs can be carried out at your premises, or at our office in Weston-super-Mare. To book just call us today on 01934 421320.

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