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We work with the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

The MoT Club works closely with the DVSA to develop the industry, setting new standards 
and procedures to maintain the highest levels of road safety here in the UK. Membership to 
The MoT Club guarantees that your industry feedback and ideas will be passed directly 
to the decision makers at the DVSA.

We can ensure you are compliant from the very start

Our association with the Driver & Vehicle Standard Agency also means we are often the first to hear about new changes
and regulations coming into practice, essential for planning your business.

We are one of the only MoT organisations in the UK that has full national
coverage - from the Isle of Wight to the Northern outreaches of Scotland

Should you face an appeal we can assist you, representing you anywhere in the UK.

The MoT Club Web Portal

Along with Membership and Representation, all of our Training, Site Auditing and Quality Check services are accessible though our members’ web portal. The portal gives crucial visibility to management within your organisation. Whether you have tens or hundreds of MOT Test Stations around the UK you can, with just a few clicks, see actions that need addressing, MOT Tester Training progress, Equipment Calibration Records and QC logs.

The Members’ Web Portal is the perfect tool for managing multi-site Vehicle Test Stations.
Should the DVSA require you to show evidence during an audit, the Portal is easily accessed and demonstrates clean and accurate record keeping.

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