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MoT Annual Training - Membership to The MoT Club

Joining the MOT Club gives you more than just MoT annual training and audits

You will receive vital support, representation and attendance in the event of a disciplinary or appeal, access to training at a discounted rate, Tester QCs, vital information regarding DVSA regulation changes and much more…

Furthermore, the DVSA look positively on MoT Testing Stations that make use of independent third party organisations like The MoT Club. The assurance of regular third party inspections of your premises and MoT Testers communicates to the DVSA that the quality of MoT Testing is of a high standard.

Your management team will be kept up-to-date with changes to the industry. Visibility is provided to management of areas in need of attention and any actions taken to improve them. Management can demonstrate to the DVSA that they are proactive about maintaining or increasing MoT Testing standards.

Not only does the DVSA have peace of mind about your business, but so do you!

More information on what is included in your MoT Club Membership can be found here.

Join the Mot Club

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