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What does Membership to The MoT Club give you?

From as little as £36 per month MoT Club Membership offers you the following:

  • MoT Support & Technical Services Hotline for any MoT-related issues

  • MoT Pocket Guide

  • Full Site Audits in line with DVSA Site Assessment Program

  • Online Access to Site Check Records and Tracking System

  • QC Checks on NTs

  • Representation in the event of disciplinary action for the VTS and where appropriate, the NT

  • Attendance on behalf of, or in conjunction with, the VTS at all appeals anywhere in the UK

  • Training for Site Managers, NTQCs and NTs, tailored to the requirements of the company or individual

  • Legal and HMRC Advice

  • Preferential Discount on Garage Management Systems

  • Seminars

  • National & International Lobbying via CITA/DFT

  • All the Latest News and Updates Specific to Your Business

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