DVSA has launched a campaign to remind drivers of the safest methods to use when towing trailers.
New DVSA Chief Executive, Gareth Llewellyn, today issued a brief statement, highlighting the importance of making sure all drivers who tow trailers, know how to use the equipment safely.
DVSA Chief Executive, Gareth Llewellyn, said:
“DVSA is raising awareness on how to use trailers safely. This follows the tragic death of 3 year old Freddie Hussey in 2014 and a number of other incidents involving trailers.
“DVSA has recently published guidance on using this equipment correctly including; how to secure coupling, ensuring that brakes are in good order and checking that all lights are working properly.”
DVSA has published a guide on GOV.UK about Using Towed Trailers
A brief overview of the main points are listed below.

Trailer Checks
Before the start of any journey, the driver of the towing vehicle needs to make sure that:
•    the load is distributed evenly
•    their trailer isn’t overloaded
•    the load is secure
•    the lights aren’t damaged and are working correctly
•    the 7 or 13 core cable and plug isn’t damaged
•    a breakaway cable or secondary coupling is used; that this isn’t damaged and is correctly connected (refer to manufacturer’s advice)
•    the tyre pressures are correct, the tyres aren’t damaged and the tread depth is legal (remember to also check the towing vehicle)
•    the wheel nuts/bolts are tightened to the correct torque (remember to also check the towing vehicle)
•    the trailer is correctly coupled to the tow ball or pin (refer to manufacturer’s advice)
•    the coupling height is correct
•    there are secure mudguards on the trailer