Below is a piece of information that appeared on the DVSA “blog” which was news to the Club and had not been previously discussed with the trade bodies. Many of you will remember when this was an annual event and every NT was subjected to it.
As it was discontinued due to the austerity measures, ie short staff, a situation that has not improved. Enquiries will be made as to the reinstatement and you will be informed accordingly.
The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will soon be carrying out a new activity when visiting some sites. This will be known as an ‘observed inspection with defects’.

The activity will help us to make sure NTs (Nominated Testers) are inspecting vehicles correctly and applying the correct test standards.

A DVSA Vehicle Examiner (VE) will ask the tester to carry out a full MOT test and will observe the inspection. After the test, the VE will offer advice and guidance where needed. If procedures or standards haven’t been applied correctly, the VE will discuss the next steps with the tester.

This activity will mostly happen at sites where the risk scores falls into Red or Amber. We have also trialled it around the country with a number of MOT Garages. The feedback was positive from both the Trade and DVSA staff.