The MOT Club has teamed up with ABC Awards to offer MOT Annual Training and Assessment, the DVSA have now changed the way the Tester Refresher Training happens.

It used to be that every 5 years an NT had to attend a 2 day course provided by the DVSA. This has now been replaced and the NT must complete a minimum of 16 hours training over a rolling 5-year period, complete a minimum of 3 hours training every year (April to March) and pass a 45 minute, 30 multiple choice question open book assessment. The assessment is done online and is provided by ABC Awards, the results of the assessment and evidence of training records will eventually affect the VTS's risk score making it vital for VTS's to ensure their staff achieve a high score.
Here at the MOT Club we have put a package together to help your NTs achieve desirable results, manage the recording of training and provide visibility to Managers and Authorised Examiners.

 The new package will be available to members who already have the web software and includes the following :

To discuss this package, upgrade your membership, or join the MOT Club please call 01934 421335. Not a member? We can still assist with the assessment so please get in touch!

More information regarding the new MOT Annual Training can be found here:

abc awards

abc awards - mot testing is changing