DVSA to contact garages and testers over coming weeks

DVSA will be getting in touch with garage owners and their testers over the coming weeks as part of its plans to bring in the new MOT testing system by September 2015.

It’s MOT Modernisation Project will be sending Authorised Examiners (AEs) and Nominated Testers (NTs) VTS messages asking them to verify their contact and other MOT details.

This will make sure it can quickly and easily get in touch with the members of the MOT trade ahead of the new web-based system being rolled-out next year.

The initial contact will include full advice and guidance on what information will need to provided and will be followed up by further details about the switchover process over the coming months on:

•    DVSA’s MOT Modernisation section on the GOV.UK website
•    DVSA’s Matters of Testing blog
Going forward, the easiest way to pick up information about MOT Modernisation is by signing up for email alerts from the blog with full instructions available on the following link - MOT Modernisation email alerts.
During the sign-up process, please make sure you provide as many of your MOT details as possible as this will make sure DVSA sends you the information you need.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the new IT specification or the new system email your feedback to mot.modernisation@vosa.gsi.gov.uk.