You may have noticed an unusual silence from these quarters over the last two days. This is because, whilst being totally unacceptable to have the breakdowns that most of you have had to endure, the basic fact is that if things are not sorted by early September we will be into banner headline type news in the daily papers and the failure of the MOT system.
There is now a date of the 8th September for all VTSs to be transferred to the new system. How many are left varies from who you speak to at the DVSA but I would hazard an estimate of 50%, 12,000, remain on the old system, and many are now having dates this week delayed.
We could all shout and scream at DVSA but that will not resolve the situation. They MUST have the system up and running during September – there is no way back according to those in authority. ATOS close the doors, turn off the lights and walk away on 25th September. The contract expires on 1st September.
On the basis that you don’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, let’s give DVSA space, record the problems that you and you companies have had to endure and let’s see what transpires over the next day or so.